Online Fitness Coaching


How It Works

Online fitness coaching means you can receive personal fitness training that is affordable, convenient, matches your personal goals, and doesn’t require a gym membership or specialized equipment!

Step 1)  Register for the time period you would like to receive coaching for.  Short time periods work well when you’re looking for something to inject new life in to your current training regimen or you’re interested in doing a trial period before making a bigger commitment.  Longer time periods are ideal if your goals include building strength, improving flexibility, improving stamina and endurance, or healthy weight loss.

Step 2)  Complete the online intake form that will help identify your current status, what fitness tools you already have available to you, and what likes/dislikes you have in regards to fitness strategies.  The coaching program tailored for you will use the tools you have access to and reflect your personal preferences (because let’s be real, we’re more likely to complete programs that we are actually enjoying).  It will also include the proposed days and times for your online coaching meetings based on your identified availability.  You will receive your written program and proposed meeting times within 2 weeks of having completed your registration and intake form.

Step 3)  Have your first 15-minute online meeting with your coach to review your tailored program, ask any questions you have, and get pointers on how to be successful.  You choose the communication platform that is the best fit for you.  You will be provided with Youtube videos that demonstrate any fitness moves you are not familiar with.  It’s time to get started!

Step 4)  Have regular online check ins with your coach to share progress, identify areas where you’re feeling stuck, and get ongoing support for overcoming obstacles as you get closer and closer to achieving your identified goals.

Step 5)  Choose to extend your goals and coaching based on what you achieved during your initial program or complete the exit evaluation and feedback form as you wrap up your coaching experience.  Either way, you get to celebrate what you’ve accomplished!