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Support that Hurts and Helps

Personal pet peeve time.  I hate mediocrity.  It is not my desire to be mediocre. To race to the middle ground. The standard has been set too low and I wish to raise the bar.

It is frequently our acceptance of the status quo that helps us find mediocrity.  And society will happily support you in your mediocrity.  Instead of supporting personal integrity and self-discipline we’ve given way to self-importance and self-indulgence.  Society will set aside calling you out on unhealthy habits so as not to ‘judge’ you.  Culture will value your self-esteem over properly educating you.

Our society seems to have settled on the overall message that to encourage and support means to tell people that they don’t have to change.  I think that’s an incredibly dangerous message.  When it comes to health and fitness that kind of support will support us all the way to an early grave.  Which means it’s not actually support at all.

The reality is that we benefit from support only when it’s the right kind!  It’s been said that you are 3x more likely to achieve a goal if you have a strong support network.  Don’t ignore that number.  3x more likely to improve your fitness translates to being less likely to experience heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and other life-altering emergencies and conditions later in life as the result of poor health and fitness!  Tripling your chances at success is not a small thing.

So who do you choose as part of your support team?  The people who actually want you to succeed and are willing to kick your butt or say the hard things you need to hear in order to help you get there.  These are the people who will hold you accountable, actively check in on you, and whose taste in resources you trust if you need more help.  These people will support your growth in the areas of personal integrity and self-discipline by being willing to say the things that hurt a bit so you can be the best you that you can be.

Society says don’t judge and tells people cruising towards cardiovascular disease that they are perfect the way they are. Is it judgment when your doctor tells you that you are obese and on your way to a heart attack?  Absolutely not. Your doctor cares about your well-being enough to say you are carrying too much fat, that your diet is terrible, that you spend too much time sitting, and that you need to do better.  They invest in educating you if they realize you’re struggling because you’re missing important information.  Find more people like that!  That is a powerful source of external energy to draw on to help you keep going when someone cares about you enough to hold you accountable in reaching your goals.  It might hurt in the moment, but ultimately it leads to us feeling valued.  And feeling valued can get us through some tough things.  Like improving our health and fitness.

Goals must be set if we are to improve and advance as people. We must challenge ourselves and others.  We are human and stumble and fall, but with every effort put in we have opportunity to gain ground, to move forward, to be better than we were before, together.  And if you realize that people in your life are cheering you towards mediocrity maybe it’s time to stop giving them tickets to the game and relegate them to the parking lot for now.  Fill your benches with people who actually want to see you win.

I want to help you set and reach your goals.  I can be part of that support network.  I’m willing to challenge you.  I’m willing to say the things you may not want to hear.  I’m willing to do that because I care about your health and wellness.  And I care about you being able to say that you lived your life and didn’t just exist.

Check out my online coaching options from short-term support to ongoing fitness mentoring, assemble your support team (I hope I’m a part of it) and go Live.

The Toilet Test – Do You Have Functional Fitness?

Fitness has everything to do with your length of life and quality of life, but it’s not just about avoiding heart attacks and being able to jog on a beautiful beach.  There are practical, functional tasks that, if you can’t perform them, mean both your length of life and quality of life are on an active decline and your dignity is likely taking some hits along the way as well.

For example, many people who must sacrifice their independence and be cared for in a retirement facility have to make the transition because of one simple functional fitness problem.  They can no longer get up off the toilet by themselves.  If they sit down they no longer have the functional fitness to get back to their feet and have to call for help.

The following is a basic questionnaire to determine if you have functional fitness:

  •  If you were to fall in a completely open space with no access to people, furniture, or other structures, would you be able to get back to your feet with zero assistance?
  • With your hands slightly raised (hands up, this is a stick-up!), are you able to sit on a toilet seat and rise to your feet with zero assistance?
  • If you need to go to the bathroom or have a build up of gas are you able to hold in your bodily fluids and gas until an appropriate time to relieve yourself?
  • If the building you were in caught fire, are you able to make a reasonably quick exit to safety?

These basic functions, when maintained, take a great deal of stress and fear out of basic falls, going to the bathroom, normal digestive issues when in social settings, and unexpected emergencies.  When not maintained, really bad things can happen.

If you determine that you currently do not have the independent ability to rise from a fall, sit and rise from a toilet seat, exit a building quickly, or identify that you are experiencing incontinence or flatulence, this is something to be aware of, not afraid of.  Simple immediate action to increase your fitness can help to improve the situation relatively quickly.

Want help with improving your functional fitness?  I’m here to lend a hand!  Tired of incontinence and flatulence?  I can put together a program that will tighten your pelvic floor muscles.  Want to stand tall, navigate an icy sidewalk confidently, and know that if you still slip you can get back up again?  I can put together a program that will build your balance, strength, and coordination so winter weather, wet floors, and trips over your own feet (hey, everyone does it eventually) don’t leave you trapped on the ground.  To learn more about fitness coaching and program options click here.

When functional fitness is in place a lot of possibilities open up to you.  It lays out the foundation for continuing to experience greater and greater fitness rather than finding yourself on a slow decline.  Take it seriously.  Live long, live strong!