I had effortless abs in my youth that masked the fact that I was living on a questionable diet of Dr. Pepper and Doritos…

Soooooo skinny!

As the years went by my adult metabolism no longer hid my food choices so easily, and while wanting to be very physically active I found myself repeatedly knocked down by injuries and illness.

Seriously, who is that guy?

In 2002 multiple tissues in my right knee were torn while sparing in Jiu Jitsu.  In 2004 I added torn shoulder ligaments to the list of things that hurt, but only my knee was considered bad enough to be operated on and it was in that year that it was repaired and a painful recovery process began.  In 2010 I was knocked flat by a sudden massive systemic infection that attacked the weakest part of my body, the knee that had been operated on, and a second knee surgery was required to drain the swollen joint.  The two months that followed of bed rest with antibiotics and high powered pain killers crumpled up all of my fitness gains and left me feeling like I was sitting at zero.  I was overweight, incredibly discouraged, exhausted, and in a lot of pain.

That's me with the cane. You can see how much I'm having to lean on it for support.
That’s me with the cane. You can see how much I’m having to lean on it for support.

It was from that zero that I began actively rehabilitating myself through exercise and stretching, eventually rising to the level of health and fitness I enjoy today.  I am celebrating that in my 40s I am as fit as I have ever been!  I went from not being able to cross the street at an intersection before the lights changed in 2010 to competing in the 2016 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships.

Feeling strong, healthy, and so much more comfortable in my own body.

I now coach others so they can reach their goals and go live life the way they would like to.  Professionally I have been a Registered Massage Therapist, treating people recovering from injuries and optimizing their health and performance through hands-on techniques and recommended exercises, since 2008.  I have over 2000 hours of study in human anatomy, physiology, and kinetics as well as over 80 hours of study in exercise (compared to a Can-Fit Pro trainer who can earn their designation over a weekend).  Personally I bring over 20 years of research and self-experimentation in the areas of fitness philosophy, history, and training techniques.  I’m passionate about using my cumulative learning and skill development, applying it to helping more people achieve their health and fitness goals.