“I have known Nathan on a professional level for a few years. I always knew he was well informed, but the wealth of his fitness, workout, and general well being knowledge is much more extensive than I ever imagined. He’s been through it all, so when you encounter a bad day of binge eating, or feeling unmotivated, he has so many tips and strategies to keep you going; you really feel like he is on your team, rooting you on. After two years of being away from the gym, this is exactly what I needed to not feel overwhelmed, but to get back on track to my optimal, healthy, self. Thank you, Nathan!!!”

“Terrific experience!  Truly enjoyed the check ins.  Kept me accountable.”

“Listened to my goals, heard my complaints/issues, adjusted my plan accordingly.  Amazing resource of knowledge all across the fitness board, and very motivating.”

“What I really love about Nathan as a PT is that he brought a lot of common experience to my training. He took the time to share his own story and experiences with me that provided good perspective. He made me feel like he understood what was in my brain because he’d been there too. He’s not some uber FIT jock guy that has no idea what it’s like for us mere-mortals. No, Nathan made things really down-to-earth.”

“Good listener. Effective communicator.”

“My biggest area of improvement as the result of my coaching experience was learning more about effective nutrition, understanding real-foods and not what are fed to us through commercials and print.”

“Something my coach did really well was encourage and treat me as an equal. Very understanding.”

“My favorite part of this experience was trying something new.  The fact that the workout catered to me and what I had available to use.”